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08 Architecture



After the fire on 13 May 2008, which led to the complete destruction of the former faculty building at Berlageweg, the Architecture faculty has been based in what used to be the main University building (1918-1923).


Building 8, Julianalaan 132-134

Gross floor area                              :  46,000 m2
Number of people (approx.)     :  3,000
Heating                                               :  from the TU Delft heating network
Cooling                                                :  with electricity (air treatment system)



Explanatory notes

There were plans to sell off the former main building. Since it is now being used to accommodate the Architecture faculty on a permanent basis, a new strategy will be required in order to drastically improve the energy efficiency of this extremely outdated building. Of course, for specialists in Architecture, this is a particularly interesting challenge. In the BKCITYSLIM project, academics are working in collaboration with the people from real estate on the development of innovative solutions which can also serve as examples for the renovation of other historic buildings.
Energy Consumption Chart

At this moment, the actions for the new EEP 2017 – 2020 are being worked out.

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Contact: Maarten de Lange