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23 Civil Engineering and Geosciences




The building of the Civil Engineering and Geosciences faculty dates from 1969. 2006 saw the addition of a new wing, which houses the Geotechnology department (formerly Mining), meaning that the whole faculty is now accommodated at a single location.


Building 23, Stevinweg 1

Gross floor area                              :  70,030 m2
Number of people (approx.)            :  4,900 [1,600+3,300]
Time in use                                      :  90 hrs/week
Heating                                            :  from the TU Delft heating network
Cooling                                            :  with electricity (air treatment system)

Explanatory notes

The CEG faculty building is made up of four wings: the teaching building, with the three research wings Stevin 1 to 3 behind it. The number of people using the building has increased significantly, which means that the demand for energy has increased on balance, despite energy-saving measures.

Energy Consumption Chart

At this moment, the actions for the new EEP 2017 – 2020 are being worked out.

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Contact: John van Duijn