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32 Industrial Design


The building of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, dating from 1973, is located alongside the 3mE faculty building and is part of the same complex. Major renovations were completed in 2000.


Buildings 32 and 33, Landbergstraat 15

The buildings are shared with the InHolland University of Applied Sciences polymers lab.


Gross floor area                              :  35,050 m2
Number of people (approx.)     :  800
Time in use                                        :  70 hrs/week
Heating                                                : from the TU Delft heating network
Cooling                                                : with electricity (air treatment system)


Energy Consumption Chart

At this moment, the actions for the new EEP 2017 – 2020 are being worked out.

For additional information, please contact FMVG Energy (

Contact: Wouter Lemmers