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36 Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science



Most of the faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science is housed in the 23-storey blue and pink complex with the TU Delft logo that is visible from the motorway (1968). A landmark for the university as well as for the city of Delft.


Building 36, Mekelweg 4

Gross floor area                                :  67,270 m2
Number of people (approx.)               :  1,000
Time in use                                      :  80 hrs/week
Heating                                            : from the TU Delft heating network
Cooling                                            : electric (air treatment system) combined with underground cold storage


Explanatory notes

In addition to the high-rise building, there are low-rise wings with lecture rooms and offices. The DIMES research institute is housed in a separate wing of the building. DIMES is a major consumer of (process-related) electricity. An EPS was conducted for this wing in 2008, resulting in a  number of recommendations. A selection of these has been implemented.

Energy Consumption Chart

At this moment, the actions for the new EEP 2017 – 2020 are being worked out.

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Contact: John van Duijn