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61 Delft Aerospace Structures and Materials Laboratory


The faculty of Aerospace Engineering is housed in four different buildings: the main building (1969), the high-speed laboratory (1969), the low-speed laboratory (1952) and the ‘Aeroplane Hall’ (1969). The faculty is also the principal user of the “De Fellowship” building, a teaching building covering approximately 4,000 m2 built on Kluyverweg in 2008.


Buildings 61, 62, 63, 66 and 64. Main entrance: Kluyverweg 1

Gross floor area                              :  37,410 m2 
Number of people (approx.)              :  650
Time in use                                     :  75 hrs/week
Heating                                           : from the TU Delft heating network 
Cooling                                           : with electricity (air treatment system)

The renovation of the ‘Aeroplane Hall’ was completed in 2008. Teaching rooms that become available as a result of the opening of the Southern (Zuid) teaching building in 2009 are being adapted for different purposes. The extensive optimisation of the main building is also planned.



Energy Consumption Chart

At this moment, the actions for the new EEP 2017 – 2020 are being worked out.

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Contact: Samiha Toussaint-Tahan